Create With Originality

Here’s the thing with media,

You never know what’s going to succeed.

The try hards of the world constantly put their all into media that they believe will be shared all over the world by millions…when in reality, people share videos of dogs meeting babies for the first time.

There’s no need to force yourself into making things just for the sole purpose of getting it spread over social media. The greatest thing to do is to create what you love and what your audience loves. That’s it. If you love it and your audience loves it, the success has a higher chance than if you try too hard.

According to Jenkins, Ford, and Green (2013):

“Content is just a medium for interaction between people. The many forms of content we collect and experience online…are really just forms of ammunition-something to have when the conversation goes quiet at work the next day…”

Originality is everything. It’s the main key to creating. Be original, be original, PLEASE BE ORIGINAL.

According to the great Jim Carrey,

“Originality is really important”

…I was going to find a more inspiring quote, but this one really emphasizes my point. Being original makes you stick out. It shows you as more creative, far more creative than people doing the same old thing. Be yourself, be original, and be creative.


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